Welcome to Yankee Tree Resources!

Yankee Tree Resources was founded in 1994. Stephen J. O'Connor III ("Chip"), YTR's founder, has been a Connecticut-licensed arborist since 1984 and is a Connecticut-certified Supervising Forest Products Harvester. Yankee Tree Resources is fully insured.

We are a professional log transport service for other professionals (tree services, loggers, land clearers, building contractors, and municipalities). We cater to other professionals who need logs and wood debris transported and effectively disposed of, recycled, and/or marketed.

We offer sales of quality forest products:

  • sawlogs
  • wood chips
  • firewood
  • sawn boards and beams

Our equipment includes:

  • custom-built log truck with winch
  • dumpster truck with containers and flatbed
  • tractor with winch
  • payloader
  • variety of chainsaws and rigging tools

Yankee Tree Resources offers quality service and nothing less.
Please contact Chip O'Connor for further information:

CT Arborist License: 62295
Supervisory Forest Practitioner Certification Number: SFPH000363